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MiniPad 2000 is powerful enough to meet almost all of your special requirements. For example, you can edit up to thirty huge files at the same time, and it is so simple for you to reorganize the paragraph by draging sentences to another place. The program can recognize and highlight URL as well as HTML keywords automatically. Just click on the link and it will bring you to the Website. In addition, your files can be encrypted in order to protect your secrets.

MiniPad 2000 can capture the contents on clipboard, and place them into your files automatically. Even more, you can predefine words and sentences into MiniPad 2000's databank, which later can be inserted into your files by single-clicking the mouse.

When you are going to read some long files, MiniPad 2000 can smoothly scroll down the texts for you. Moreover, the program is Integrated with email engine and address book, you can easily send your email just by clicking one button!

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